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In our sale you can choose between hubs and rims, which we stock in large numbers. Shipping takes place 7-10 days after the order is placed.

We build the MTB aluminum rims with 28/28 black DT Comp Race spokes and black aluminum nipples. For Newmen rims we use the Newmen washer, for DT Swiss rims the PHR washer.

We offer the “old” DT350 hub either with an 18T or 36T ratchet. The pressure angle at 18T is 20 degrees and at 36T 10 degrees. The new DT350 hubs always have a 36T ratchet.

Maximum system weight Newmen SL A30 and X.A.25: 125kg
Max. System weight DT XM481: 120kg


Weights with DT240EXP SP CL Boost
Newmen SL A 30 29 inches: 1720gr.
Newmen SL A30 27.5 inches: 1650gr.
Newmen X.A.25 SL 29 inch: 1460gr.
Newmen X.A.25 SL 27.5 inches: 1410gr.

Weights of the XM481 is comparable to the Newmen SL A 30.

The new DT350 SP CL Boost hubs are approx. 50gr depending on the freewheel. heavier than the DT240 EXP.

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