Road / Gravel Carbon Express configurator

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Axle standard 12×100 12×142 24/24 Dt Aerolite / Aero Comp (driveside) hidden alunipple

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Our Z-rims ( are absolute State of the Art products. The Z45i21SL weighs just 395gr and we achieve a wheelset weight of 1330gr. The Z30i24SL stands out as a gravel rim. Despite the height and width of 30mm, this rim weighs just 345gr. Weights from 1220gr with the DT180 or the Carbon Ti Nabe and 1240gr with the DT 240. The Z47 is the most robust rim on offer. 470gr and an upwardly open system weight - ok, we limit it to 130kg - make this chic rim an absolute workhorse. The inner width of 19.7mm allows its use of 25-50mm. All rims are built with internal Sapim alunipples and 24/24 black DT Aerolite / Aero Comp. (back right). Weights with DT180EXP / Carbon Ti and max. system weight Z30i24SL: 1220gr. 110kg Z35i19SL: 1240gr. 110kg Z35i21SL: 1255gr. 115kg Z45i19SL: 1310gr. 115kg Z45i21SL: 1320gr. 120kg Z47i19.7: 1480gr. 135kg Weights with DT240EXP SP CL / Newmen Fade approx. 20gr. heavier.